Bar Brothers The System Review - How To Build Muscles Fast?

Metabolism (or metabolism) Bar Brothers The System - the body's ability to receive and use the nutrients and energy foods birdgrants, measured in calories. Speaking of human metabolism, release the base, the digestive and the physical subtypes by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

Total on the digestive and basic metabolism (eg, maintenance of body temperature, cell renewal) spent about 80% of the total calories consumed. About 20% of calories expended in physical activity.

Primarily, the amount spent on basic metabolism calories depends on sex (men require more calories than women), age (years with less energy needed) and the amount of muscle tissue in the body.

Weight Training and Cardio increase spending on physical metabolism - but accounts for a smaller portion of the calories consumed. On the other hand, the larger muscle, the more calories needed for maintenance.

Irregular eating habits can slow metabolism, reduce the number of calories needed for vital functions and mechanisms to enable the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Man eats very little, but the body puts all the calories into fat.

It is important to mention that a metabolic disorder may in certain diseases - but, frankly, these diseases are much rarer than the banal and blunders power transmitted from generation to generation.